Monday, October 29, 2007

. . . Love God and Love People - The Two Greatest Commands

there are two extremes to be avoided with regards to these commands. one could get completely focused on loving God and ignore people, or completely focused on loving people and ignore God.
the first extreme is due to our selfish nature. the focus here is not truly loving God, for true love for God leads us to love others too; rather, it is a love out of our selfish desire to feel more spiritual than others. the second extreme is due to a failure in understanding our priorities. love for God is the first command, and then is the command to love others.
first of all, the order is important: first, love for God, and then, love for humanity. but, the combination is also important: love for both God and humanity is necessary. in all these, love for self should not be neglected, but, it is also something we need not work at, as it is natural. love for God takes first place; love for others takes the next place; and love for self takes the last seat!