Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Freedom of Choice

one of the greatest truths in Christian theology is that God has given all humans freedom to make choices. this is evident from even the first few verses in the Bible. God gave Adam and Eve freedom to choose from any of the trees for their food. of course, there was a certain limit. but, it was not like there was a boundary set against the tree of life. it was still open because God created humans with the freedom to choose.
well, He is the same God today, and humans still have the freedom of choice, and none can take away that right from us. however, choices have consequences. we sow what we reap. when Adam and Eve chose to go against God's warning, they fell short of His glory. their choice to disobey separated them from God, and they tried on their own to please Him so that they could get back to Him. but, it is not that easy. God took the initiative Himself and provided a way for humans to get back to Him, and that way is through His sacrifice on the cross. we have a choice to either take His provision, which is the only way, or try on our own to set it right, which is impossible.